Passenger Car

We first commercialized the AVM for passenger cars, which greatly facilitated the experience of novice drivers, reduced scratches and risks. In scenarios such as reversing, passing through narrow roads, uphill, and low speed, the driver is more comfortable; then we integrated the driving video record(DVR) function on this basis, which can be replayed in a bird-view form and the display effect is more intuitive; for some existing models, to meet customers’ original car digital screen function upgrades, we also provide a decoding integrated product;

As a trend and hot spot in the development of the industry, Smart eCockpit and Digital Instrument smart devices have been commercialized by us as early as 2019.

Passenger cars are mainly used to transport passengers and their carry-on luggage or temporary items. They include no more than 9 seats including the driver’s seat. It can also tow a trailer.

It covers cars, microbuses and light buses with no more than 9 seats. It is subdivided into basic passenger cars (cars), multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), sports multi-purpose vehicles (SUVs), special passenger cars and crossover passenger cars.