How AVM works?

Around view monitor is a technology that uses four cameras installed on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle to create a virtual composite 360° bird's-eye view of the vehicle and the surrounding area. It helps the driver to park safely and conveniently by displaying various camera views on a screen. It can also detect moving objects around the vehicle and warn the driver with a message and a chime.

The system works by collecting and processing the image signals from the four wide-angle cameras in real-time. The image processing unit morphs the perspective of the images to display a bird's-eye view image. It also identifies and tracks moving objects around the vehicle by predicting their movement based on the vehicle's steering angle and speed.

Here is an example of an around view monitor system developed by Percherry.The system uses four fisheye cameras with a horizontal field of view of 216° and a vertical field of view of 124°. The resolution of the composite image is 1024 x 1024 pixels, and the field of view distance is 15 x 15 meters.